Win win cooperation between China and Central Asia-The modernization project of the Sargon coal mine in Uzbekistan has been successfully put into operation

Uzbekistan is one of the five countries in Central Asia with stronger economic strength. It is a famous ancient country on the "Silk Road" and is rich in coal resources. According to data from the National Coal Company of Uzbekistan, coal reserves exceed 1.8 billion tons, of which almost Most of it is high-quality bituminous coal. The Sargun Coal Mine plays an important role in ensuring Uzbekistan's domestic energy supply. Its rich coal resource reserves, stable energy supply and positive contribution to economic development make the Sargun Coal Mine an important pillar of Uzbekistan's energy field.

In response to the national "Belt and Road" policy, GLTECH actively participated in the modernization project of the Shargun Coal Mine in Uzbekistan, and won the recognition of the project's general contractor consortium with its professional, enthusiastic, proactive and efficient actions.

The modernization project of the Shargun Coal Mine in Uzbekistan is the general contractor of the consortium of China Railway Tunnel Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and China Coal Science and Industry Corporation. During the construction of the coal mine, a new generation of safety monitoring systems, precise positioning and integrated communication systems and Video surveillance system provided by GLTECH.

GLTECH adheres to the professional, enthusiastic, proactive and efficient service concept and won the recognition of the project general contractor consortium and received a letter of thanks.

The thank you letter reads:

"The technical personnel dispatched by your company to the project site overcame difficulties and braved wind and snow. With a rigorous and solid work style, diligent and focused work attitude, and professional and efficient work rhythm, they fought on the front line of work and completed the installation of intelligent equipment as scheduled. Debugging work. During the installation, commissioning and training process, your company's personnel patiently explained and answered questions to the owner's personnel, so that the owner's personnel had a deeper understanding and mastery of the principle, performance, operating procedures, etc. of the equipment. Your company's on-site technical staff The hard work and professionalism of the personnel provided great help and support for the successful completion of the mechanical and electrical installation and commissioning of the project. While being fully recognized by us, it also won high recognition from the owner, fully demonstrating the corporate strength of your company. and image, and also won honor for the motherland!”

Coal energy is very important. The prerequisite for coal resource mining is to ensure safe production. The goal of intelligent mining is to reduce staff and increase efficiency in coal mines. Guangli Technology will always adhere to the development concept of "no industry to defend, innovation to strengthen", and contribute to the safety of coal mines. Production escort!





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