Students from Zhengzhou University’s School of Electrical Engineering visited GLTECH for exchange and study

On July 18th, more than 170 students from Zhengzhou University's Electrical Engineering College visited GLTECH's Aviation Port factory for a research and study tour. The students were warmly received by Wu Guoli, Director of GLTECH's Administrative HR Center, Li Ke, Director of the Manufacturing Center, Li Baozhu, Minister, Yang Shaibang, the semiconductor production manager, and HR personnel from the Human Resources Department.

First, Director Li Ke and Minister Li Baozhu led the students to visit the IoT production workshop, introducing in detail the product advantages, product applications, and the functions of the smart workshop.

Subsequently, Yang Shaibang, the semiconductor production manager of the Manufacturing Center, guided the students to the semiconductor manufacturing workshop, where they observed the production process on-site and learned about the application scenarios of semiconductor business and related equipment.

Finally, the students arrived at the training classroom, where Director Wu Guoli provided a detailed explanation of GLTECH's development history and business layout, hoping that in the near future, GLTECH can build dreams with these students.

Through this research and study tour, the students gained a deeper understanding of GLTECH, which also stimulated their interest in learning professional knowledge and strengthened the exchange and cooperation between GLTECH and Zhengzhou University.

We look forward to further deepening school-enterprise cooperation in the future, building a production-teaching-research platform between enterprises and universities, and promoting the deep integration of innovation chains, industry chains, and talent chains.





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