GLTECH SEMICON Exhibition Journey

GLTECH Co., Ltd., founded in 1994 and listed on the A-share market of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2015 (SZ.300480), is a high-tech enterprise rooted in China committed to mastering core technologies. In 2016, aiming at the post-packaging and testing area of semiconductors, which was monopolized by international giants, GLTECH officially entered the semiconductor industry. From 2016 to 2019, it successively acquired Loadpoint, a British company that invented the world's first dicing saw, Loadpoint Bearing, a British company with core components such as air spindles, and ADT (Advanced Dicing Technology), the third-largest global semiconductor dicing equipment manufacturer. Through the integration of international technological resources in its semiconductor business segment, GLTECH not only possesses precision equipment such as dicing saws and grinding machines, but also core components and consumables, forming a unique advantage in its semiconductor business segment. Currently, the company's self-developed domestically produced high-end dicing saw, 8230, has entered domestic top packaging and testing enterprises, breaking the monopoly of foreign high-end semiconductor dicing equipment.

Driven by the pursuit of mastering core technologies, adhering to the development philosophy of continuous product innovation, and determined to localize equipment, GLTECH continues to enrich its post-packaging and testing product line for semiconductors. Every year, at SEMICON China, GLTECH is fully prepared to present its unique offerings. From taking its first bold step to gradually becoming stronger, these memorable moments, filled with the sweat and wisdom of GLTECH employees, are worth revisiting.

Entering the semiconductor industry and yielding its first fruit, GLTECH participated in its first SEMICON China in 2019. Under the strategic deployment of international resource integration, the research and development teams from both LoadPoint in the UK and China worked together to overcome difficulties and develop the 6230 dual-axis semi-automatic dicing saw, GLTECH's first fruit in the post-packaging and testing equipment for semiconductors. It was first exhibited at SEMICON China with a new product launch titled "Reviving the British Brand of Wafer Dicing and Sawing Machines."





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