The inspection team of National People’s Congress delegates visited GLTECH for investigation and guidance

On February 17, 2022, Xu Jichao, member of the National People's Congress, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Henan Provincial People's Congress, led a delegation of national delegates to Henan and relevant leaders at the provincial, municipal, and district levels to visit GLTECH Co., Ltd. to inspect and guide the company's innovation-driven development work. Zhao Suping, member of the National People's Congress and former secretary of the Party Leadership Group and deputy director of the Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee, and some national delegates to Zhengzhou also participated in the inspection. Li Xueyi, first-level inspector of the Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee Office, Xing Tiezhu, second-level inspector of the Election and Appointment Committee, and relevant responsible comrades of the Provincial Science and Technology Department accompanied the inspection. Zhao Tongyu, Chairman of GLTECH, Hu Yanyan, General Manager, Cao Wei, Secretary of the Board of Directors, and other company leaders warmly received the inspection team and reported on the company's development and enterprise innovation work.

The inspection team listened to Chairman Zhao Tongyu's report on GLTECH's development overview, domestic and international strategic layout, industrial upgrading, and innovation-driven work, and fully affirmed the company's achievements in leading enterprise development through innovation.

GLTECH adheres to an independent innovation strategy, with research and development investment accounting for more than 13% of its total revenue for many years, and research and development technical personnel accounting for more than 47%. While maintaining its leading position in the intelligent monitoring sector for safety production based on advanced sensing technology and the application of Internet of Things big data, it has comprehensively laid out and deeply cultivated the high-end equipment industry for semiconductor packaging and testing with air spindles as core components. In recent years, through a series of international mergers and acquisitions, it has successfully entered the semiconductor packaging and testing industry chain with high-end semiconductor cutting equipment and high-precision air spindles as entry points, and made breakthroughs in "neck-choking" technologies in related products and technologies, filling domestic gaps and achieving domestic substitution in the field of high-end semiconductor packaging equipment and key components, thus contributing to the long-term healthy development of China's semiconductor industry.

The inspection team conducted in-depth visits to the company's high-end semiconductor equipment manufacturing workshops and IoT security monitoring system production workshops, gained a detailed understanding of the company's production conditions, equipment level, talent team construction, and quality control system, and gave positive evaluations to the company's scientific management level and intelligent production applications.

The inspection team highly praised GLTECH's commitment to an international development path rooted in China, is full of expectations for the company's future development, and hopes that the company will continue to strengthen its main business, actively implement the province's innovation-driven development, science and education strategy, and talent strategy, further rely on its accumulated advantages in the fields of Internet of Things and semiconductor equipment, consolidate its industrial advantages, and strive to become a global semiconductor equipment and industrial intelligence equipment enterprise that masters core technologies.





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