Methane is a common harmful gas in underground coal mines, and its concentration can easily lead to major safety accidents once it reaches a certain limit. Therefore, real-time and accurate detection of methane concentration in mines is crucial for preventing such accidents. By continuously monitoring the methane gas content, potential safety hazards can be discovered in time, and corresponding measures can be taken for prevention and treatment, thus ensuring the safety of miners and the normal operation of the mine.

Methane detectors play a vital role in mine safety. When the detected methane concentration exceeds the set safe concentration level, the detector will sound an alarm and emit light to remind miners on site to take appropriate measures, such as organizing evacuation or ventilating the mine to exhaust the gas, thereby avoiding the occurrence of safety accidents.

With the continuous advancement of gas detector technology, modern methane detectors not only have sound and light alarm functions but can also synchronize and upload monitoring data and record online in conjunction with the Internet of Things system. This enables mine management personnel to obtain real-time data on methane concentration more conveniently and formulate more precise safety management measures accordingly.

To ensure the safe production of mines and the safety of miners, it is necessary to continuously test the methane gas content in underground coal mines and ensure that the methane concentration in the mine is always maintained within a safe range.

GLTECH's dust meter, CCF-7000, such as the laser dust detector, is a device used to monitor dust concentration in the air. This equipment features high accuracy and real-time monitoring, making it widely applicable in multiple fields.
Industrial Field: During manufacturing and processing, a large amount of dust is generated. If untreated, this dust can pose a health risk to workers. Therefore, the industrial sector needs to use dust meters to monitor dust levels in the air, ensuring the health and safety of workers.
Construction Field: Construction sites typically generate significant amounts of dust, which can also pose health hazards to workers and the surrounding environment. Therefore, it is crucial to use dust meters to monitor dust levels in the air at construction sites.


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