Mining Use explosion-proof camera


Intrinsically Safe Surveillancet Camera for Mine Capable of capturing videos clearly under minimal luminance; Onboard processing with ethernet and optical output signal supported. Infrared backlight compensation function; Audio capability of ambient sound monitoring. Integrated speaker and microphone with two-way communication function

Technical Parameter

  • Use environment
    a) Ambient temperature: (0~+40) ℃;
    b) Relative humidity: ≤ 95% (25 ℃);
    c) Ambient atmospheric pressure: (80~106) kPa;
    d) Places without significant vibration and impact;
    e) The surrounding medium is free of corrosive gas;
    f) Underground coal mine with danger of methane and coal dust explosion.
  • Explosion-proof type: mine intrinsically safe type
    Explosion-proof sign: Ex ib I Mb

Overall dimension: 315 mm × 174 mm × 154 mm
Shell material: 304 stainless steel
Weight: about 3.5kg

  • 1) Intrinsically safe parameters
    Power terminal: Ui: DC12.8 V, Ii: 1.6 A, Ci: 0 μ F,Li:0 mH;
    Ethernet electrical signal terminal: Uo: 5.8 V, Io: 50 mA, Co: 10 μ F,Lo:10 Mh.
    2) Ethernet optical interface
    a) Interface mode: SC single mode;
    b) Number of interfaces: 2;
    c) Optical wavelength: 1310 nm;
    d) Transmission rate: 100 Mbps;
    e) Emission optical power: – 10 dBm ~ 0 dBm;
    f) Maximum transmission distance: 10 km.
    3) Ethernet electrical interface
    a) Interface mode: RJ45;
    b) Number of interfaces: 2;
    c) Transmission rate: 10/100 Mbps (adaptive);
    d) Maximum transmission distance: 50 m.
  • KBA12 Mining Safety explosion proof Camera

Rated working voltage: 12 V DC

Associated power supply: KDW127/18

Maximum size: 315 mm × 174 mm × 154 mm;

Application: used in downhole drilling field and other occasions requiring video monitoring

Interface type: 2 Ethernet electrical ports and 2 100M optical ports.

  • Standard configuration:

Lens: 200W pixels, maximum resolution 1920 × 1080,

Focal length: (2.8~12) mm,

Video compression: H.264/H.265.

  • Optional:

Lens: 400W pixels, maximum resolution 2560 × 1440,

Focal length: fixed focus 6 mm,

Video compression: H.264/H.265.


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