KJJ12 Intrinsically Mining Safe Ethernet Exchange Equipment


KJJ12 Intrinsically Mining Safe Ethernet Exchange Equipment is specially designed for IoT system of industrial-grade network. It is the key element of network transmission system in our mining IoT system. The equipment severs as an interconnection point between the underground equipment and the sever. It can either be used as the main net controller or branch network switch equipment.


  • 3 protocol, fiber optical port and ethernet port
  • RS485 communication protocol
  • Bidirectional circle redundancy network
  • Power interrupt protection function
  • Network management, SNMP/VLAN and traffic control function
  • Self-diagnosis and error indication function

Technical Parameter

1)Power supply

Working voltage:DC12V

(intrinsically safe power supply)

Working current: ≤lA

2)Gigabit optical signal interface

Number of interfaces: 3 (2 optical modules as standard)

Transmission mode:1310nm single mode optical fiber transmission


Transmission rate:1000Mbps

Optical transmission power:>10dBm

Light reception sensitivity:-36dBm

Maximum transmission distance:10km

3)100 Gigabit optical signal interface

Number of interfaces: 4

Transmission mode: 1310nm single-mode optical fiber transmission

Connection mode: SC

Transmission rate:100Mbps

Optical transmission power: ≥-10dBm

Maximum transmission distance:20km

4)Ethernet electrical signal interface Number of interfaces:

4/5 (1 shared withRS485 interface)

Transmission mode: full-duplex TCP/IF protocol

Transmission rate:10/100Mbps adaptive

Signal working voltage peak-to-peak:1V~5V

Transmission distance: 100km

5)RS485 signal interface

Number of interfaces: 1

Transmission mode: half-duplex,bipolar

Transfer rate:2400bps (configurable)

Signal working voltage peak-to-peak:5V~15V

Signal operating current peak-to-peak:≤100mA

Maximum transmission distance: 10km Intrinsically safe parameters

6)Intrinsic safety parameters: Ui=12.9V:Ii=1.25A;Ci=14.4uF:Li=4.7uHEx mark: Exib IMb

Light reception sensitivity: -36dBm


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