KJ751-P Coal mine fire hazard monitoring and preventive warning system


The KJ751-P gas-drainage pump station monitoring and control system is a highly integrated system that provides automatic monitoring and control for gas pump stations. The system is designed for unmanned operation, with a high degree of automation, and supports one-button start/stop operations. The system has a comprehensive protection function that automatically cuts off power in case of anomalies in parameters such as water level, gas pressure, and motor temperature. Additionally, the system has features such as motor fault warnings, equipment management, self-diagnosis, and event logs. The system's high degree of integration and flexibility, combined with its advanced features, make it a reliable and efficient solution for gas drainage pump station management.


  • Real-time

status monitoring in real time

  • Comprehensive

complete solution to

safeguard the drainage process

  • Flexible

fully customizable solutions

  • Automatic

unmanned operation with data

analysis and auto-control system

  • Reliable

simple design with unparalleled

reliability надежностью

  • Cost-efficient

delivering exceptional

quality and features at an incredible value

System Function

  • Status monitoring and automatic control of equipment

Continuous monitoring of flow rate, temperature, pressure, concentration of gas drainage line and motor status

  • Monitoring of pump room environment and personnel

Continuous monitoring of pump room temperature, gas concentration, and personnel entry

  • Real-time data analysis, accident prevention, and alert

Automatic alert personnel and take corrective action when anomalies are detected

System Parameter and Configuration


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