KJ370 Coal Mine Methane and Dust Monitoring System


The KJ370 Coal Mine Methane and Dust Monitoring System is designed for real-time monitoring of various pipeline measurements in underground coal mines, including gas extraction pipelines, drill site borehole pipelines, and extraction pump stations. It also provides online monitoring of environmental parameters. Additionally, it can be used for dust monitoring and control at various working faces in the mine. This comprehensive solution integrates gas extraction network monitoring, environmental parameter monitoring, and dust prevention and control in coal mines.


– Robust Design: All underground components are designed to be waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, ensuring stable performance.

– Autonomous Control and Alarms: The system can independently identify hazards and control power shutdowns, featuring automatic alarms for gas and dust concentration limits.

– Advanced Signal Acquisition: Supports multi-channel and multi-mode sensor signal acquisition, receiving and executing various control commands from the upper computer.

– Comprehensive Functionality: Offers multiple functions including analog signal acquisition, switch signal acquisition, and display, with integrated management software for unified control of gas extraction and dust monitoring.

– Self-Diagnosis and Protection: Equipped with self-diagnosis and self-protection functions, the system monitors its own operation and fault status, achieving dual-machine hot backup to ensure data security.

– Effectiveness Analysis: Provides pre-extraction effect analysis results for work faces and various extraction evaluation units, dynamically monitoring the effectiveness of gas extraction. This data serves as the foundation for gas extraction compliance reports.

– Compliance Prediction: Based on the trend of gas extraction in evaluation units, it estimates the compliance period and automatically adjusts the prediction time.

– Model Verification and Correction: Utilizing manually measured coal seam gas data, the system compares and verifies model analysis results. If deviations are detected, it can automatically correct the analysis model.

– Network Connectivity: Supports TCP/IP protocol, allowing direct connection to industrial Ethernet for remote centralized monitoring. It can also connect to the enterprise LAN for integrated management information system, enabling network information sharing.


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