KJ2013 Wireless Gas Extraction Monitoring System


The KJ2013 Wireless Methane Extraction Monitoring System is based on independently developed wireless sensing devices, communication substations, base stations, and other equipment. It integrates LoRa wireless RF, WiFi6+ Bluetooth, digital programmable wired dispatching, and UWB precise personnel positioning as core technologies. This new generation multi-system integrated wireless communication system for mining provides real-time monitoring of gas concentration, flow, pressure, temperature, CO, and other parameters at measurement points in the drilling sites, branch pipelines, main pipelines, and trunk pipelines of the gas extraction network. It ensures precise measurement of gas extraction, supplying fundamental data for gas extraction compliance and measurement-based evaluation. The system promptly detects abnormal measurement points and hazardous areas, offering appropriate handling suggestions and recommendations for abnormal situations.

The system supports wireless communication and personnel positioning data integration, reducing the repeated construction costs of communication equipment for various systems and solving the "last mile" issue of wireless communication in coal mines.


– The system can collect and display analog parameters such as methane concentration, flow rate, pressure, temperature, and carbon monoxide concentration in extraction pipelines.

– It features monitoring and displaying of cumulative quantities such as mixed gas extraction and pure gas quantities.

– The system stores and allows querying of parameters like gas concentration, flow rate, and equipment status.

– It supports integrated scheduling communication via both wired and wireless methods.

– The system can be expanded to include personnel positioning, enabling identification and tracking of underground personnel.

– Substations have storage capabilities, allowing them to save monitoring information during communication interruptions and upload the data to the central station once communication is restored. The system supports report printing, curve plotting, mimic diagrams, and initialization parameter printing. Reports include daily (shift, monthly) extraction reports, daily (shift) analog value reports, daily (shift) alarm reports for analog values, daily (shift) equipment fault reports, historical record query reports for analog value statistics, and daily (shift, monthly) cumulative quantity reports.

– The system supports human-machine interaction for system generation, parameter modification, function invocation, and includes operation permission management.

– Equipped with a built-in backup power supply, the system ensures normal measurement even during power outages.


– Wireless Data Transmission: The system supports various wireless data transmission standards, including WiFi 6 and Bluetooth. It establishes a low-power, long-distance wireless network in tunnels, addressing the last-mile problem of underground wireless data transmission.

– Power Management: The system combines battery power supply with wireless data transmission to reduce extensive cable installations. It is equipped with a Battery Management System (BMS) to ensure extended operation time when powered by batteries.

– Intelligent Inspection Management: The system precisely locates portable devices and intelligently manages inspection locations and times, enhancing the reliability of inspection process data.

– Fault Self-Diagnosis: It supports monitoring the status of wireless terminals, sensing layer devices, and transmission interfaces. In case of a fault, the system can issue an alarm and record the fault time and equipment for future queries and printing.

– Dual Machine Switching: The system features dual-host redundancy with automatic switching. If the primary host fails, the backup host can take over within less than 300 seconds.

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