IntelligentGas Drainage Control System for Outburst Prevention in Coal Mines


The intelligent gas drainage control system for coal mines focuses on building intelligent extraction systems and informatized outburst prevention system. Utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and digitalization, this solution aligns with the "Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Coal and Gas Outbursts," the "Eight Measures for Gas Control in Coal Mines," and standards for intelligent mine construction to provide a comprehensive solution for precise management of coal mine gas extraction and gas prevention.

Key Features

Key Features:

Intelligent Sensing of Extraction Parameters:

  1. Collects extraction evaluation parameters with high precision.
  2. Uses models to analyze and evaluate extraction effectiveness.
  3. Identifies anomalies in drilling parameters and safety hazards in real-time.

3D Visualization Monitoring:

  1. Uses digital twin technology to create 3D models of pump station facilities, large equipment, and monitoring devices.
  2. Integrates with monitoring information for transparent and stereoscopic visualization.

One-Click Centralized Control:

  1. Supports distributed and remote centralized control.
  2. Enables one-click pump start, pump rotation, emergency handling, and negative pressure regulation in the pipeline network.

Intelligent Diagnosis and Safety Protection:

  1. Provides smart diagnostics for over-limit and equipment anomalies.
  2. Supports multi-source correlated abnormal lockout control for operational safety.

Multi-Dimensional Safety Monitoring:

  1. Supports intelligent access control, electronic fences, and fire monitoring.
  2. Offers comprehensive safety measures for unattended pump stations.

Intelligent Inspection:

  1. Real-time acquisition of AI video images and intelligent perimeter environmental parameters.
  2. Enables remote inspection and monitoring of equipment and environment through text, graphics, and images.

Comprehensive Management Features

Comprehensive Management Features:

Dynamic 3D Transparent Workface:

Creates a 3D visualization design platform for gas extraction at the mining face.

Integrates actual project information with 3D visualization tools for automatic modeling.

Drilling Construction Quality Control:

Provides real-time measurement of drilling trajectories and AI analysis of drilling videos.

Automatically overlays 3D models of actual drill holes for design and deviation analysis.

Refined Gas Extraction Management:

Establishes a smart management platform integrating extraction monitoring, management, and evaluation.

Utilizes big data analytics to ensure high-quality, intelligent management of the entire gas extraction process.

Smart Evaluation of Extraction Compliance:

Automatically evaluates extraction compliance and checks for extraction gaps.

Dynamically assesses extraction effectiveness and generates compliance reports.

Intelligent Regulation of Extraction Systems:

Develops an adaptive control mechanism for the extraction pipeline system parameters.

Enables remote automatic control of surface pump stations and underground valves for controlled extraction.

Dynamic Management of Gas Prevention Information:

Provides informatized management tools for gas prevention measures.

Enhances quality control of the implementation process and warns of gas anomalies through multi-source information integration.


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