KJ1661 Drilling Rig and Borehole Drilling Process Management System


KJ1661 drilling rig and borehole drilling process management system integrate technologies of the automated drilling rig, video surveillance, environmental monitoring, intelligent analysis, communication transmission, and information management, achieving functions such as automatic video-based drill rod counting and two-way voice intercom. This system manages the entire borehole drilling process in underground coal mines, recording drilling parameters, automatically segmenting, and storing videos for later retrieval, monitoring the environment, and implementing power-off interlock.


  • Image Acquisition, Transmission, and Display
  • Drilling process is monitored and analyzed by utilizing AI-based video analysis
  • Vocal alert feature – the system can provide voice prompts to drilling personnel when there is a communication interruption
  • Two-way Voice Intercom
  • Power status monitoring, remote control, automated power cut when methane concentration exceeds the limit
  • RJ45, fiber optic, twisted pair, and WiFi supported

System Parameter and Configuration

KJ1661 Drilling Rig and Borehole Drilling Process Management System Location Equipment Function
Upper ground s Servers

s Software monitoring platform

s Video surveillance display and storage

s Data analysis

s Intercom and remote control

Underground tunnel s Network switch

s Substation

s Communication transmission
Drilling site s Drill rig

s Borehole trajectory tracker

s Surveillance camera

s Circuit breaker & feeder

s Gas monitoring sensor

s Drilling

s Borehole trajectory monitoring

s Drill Site Monitoring


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