YLZ2 Water Flow Controller

Product Description

YLZ2 water flow controller is an automatic controller for occasions with high-precision water flow control requirements. The required output flow can be set through analog or RS485, and the real-time flow value can be output through RS485 or pulse signal.


1. Automatically adjust flow rate;

2. Independent two-way flow control;

3. Equipped with analog control and RS485 communication function;

4. Capable of indicating operational and fault status;

5. Flow control range: 0.5~4.0 L/min;

6. Flow control accuracy: ± 5% FS;

7. Response time for traffic adjustment: within 8 seconds.

Technical Parameter

Specification Model: YLZ2 Water Flow Controller
Fluid medium: water
Flow control range: (0.5~4.0) L/min
Control accuracy: ±5%FS
Response time: within 8 s
Working pressure: (0.2~0.4) MPa
Withstand pressure: 1.0 MPa
Totally closed leakage: 0.5 L/min or less
Rated working voltage: 24 V±10% DC
Rated working current: 0.5 A
Analog input signal: DC (1 to 5) V Input impedance: 1 MΩ
Flow output signal: Pulse output
Operating temperature: (0~50) ℃

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