GL0183 Gas chromatograph

Product description

Excellent pneumatic control system Intelligent, simple maintenance experience Precise temperature control platform Proven durability, stability and safety All-round scalability Compliant, customize chromatography workstation.


1.Independently Developed Third-generation AFC Pneumatic Control System

AFC control accuracy 0.001psi.The original imported proportional valve and sensor are adopted.With better corrosion resistance longer service life, bringing better stability and reliability.Independent shunt cold trap and spacer trap design for easy maintenance.

2.Intelligent and simple Inlet Design

Easy to maintain the new sample inlet, to achieve 10 seconds of bare hand removal,easy to maintain the liner.
Intelligent maintenance tips, effectively record and remind the maintenance and replacement of injection pads, liners, shunt cold traps and other components.

3.Excellent temperature control system

Standard cool-down mode450-50°C< 5min.
Optional quick cool-down mode450-50°Cs3.5min
Reproducible temp ramp process in column oven to achieve good retention time RSD.

Technical Specification

  • Max capacity: 2 inlets, 3 detectors (3 channel signal output)
  • Peak area RSD ≤ 1.0%
  • Full AFC/EPC,6 AFC module with 18-channel AFC/EPC independent control
  • Retention time RSD ≤ 0.02%
  • AFC/EPC pressure accuracy 0.001 psi
  • Split ratio: 4500:1
  • Independent split cold-trap and septum collecting trap
  • Arrier gas control mode: pressure, flow, programming pres
  • sure, programming flow, Programming pressure/flow/linear
  • speed: max 8 steps
  • Maintenance tracking reminder, intelligent regular maintenance plan

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