Portable Gas Chromatography Analyzer

Product description

GL4311-811 is a highly integrated, GC-PID based portable gas chromatography analyzer, with built-in pre concentration module and low heat capacity temperature programmed chromatographic column (equipped in the pro version), to achieve rapid detection of benzene, toluene and xylene in public places and indoor air, as well as rapid qualitative and quantitative determination of organic substances in ambient air, soil and water quality in public health emergencies, with detection limit up to ppb level.

Product description

  • Compliant with standards, stable performance
  • Low detection limit, accurate data
  • High integration, easy to carry
  • Quick analysis with complete factors
  • Excellent range, worry free gas and electricity
  • Minimalist design, intelligent operation

Application Scenarios

  • Detection of benzene series compounds in indoor air
  • Air quality testing in public places
  • Expandable detection of organic matter in soil and water quality
  • Chemical production testing
  • Organic chemical production testing
  • Other application scenarios involving detection of benzene derivatives

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