AEMS90 SCR Evaluation and CEMS System for DeNOx Process

Product description

This integrated online monitoring system for ammonia and nitrogen oxides utilizes TDLAS and semiconductor sensing technology. It is an in-situ monitoring system designed specifically for precise measurements of nitrogen oxides, oxygen, and ammonia emissions in high temperature, high-flow, and high-dust environments in the outlet flue of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) denitrification systems. The system utilizes an integrated in-situ measurement approach. Which enables synchronous, real-time online monitoring of nitrogen oxides, oxygen, and ammonia emissions within divided zones. The monitored data can be uploaded to the Distributed Control System (DCS), offering invaluable insights for precision ammonia injection adjustments.


  • Multi-Parameter Monitoring in Real-time

Simultaneously monitor parameters including ammonia emissions, nitrogen oxides, oxygen levels, temperature, and moisture of each divided zone in real-time, providing timely and effective data support for precise ammonia injection.

  • Integrated In-Situ Measurement Approach

Eliminating laser misalignment issues caused by deformation and vibrations on the flue.

  • Maintenance Made Effortless

In-situ measurement inside the flue without sampling pipelines, completely avoiding issues related to blockage caused by gas sampling and processing

Technical Specification

Зонд Интегрированный зонд In-situ с закрытой полостью
Диапазон измерения NH3 NOX O2 Temp. R.H. %



mg/m 3

0~25% 0~500 ℃ 0~20%
Линейное отклонение ≤1 % F.S ≤±2 % F.S ≤±2 % F.S ≤±5 % F.S ≤±2 % F.S
Рабочая температура зонда 250~450 ℃
Дисплей TFT true color LED
Сигнал данных 4~20 mA
Сигнал тревоги SPST
Связь RS485, CAN
Номинальная мощность 100~240 V AC, 50±2 Hz, ≤10 A


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