AMES10 Online Ammonia Escape Monitoring System

Product description

The OMS1000 Nitrogen Oxide Analyzer is a revolutionary product developed and manufactured by our company. It is an NOx online monitoring device that utilizes innovative sensing technology. This analyzer is designed for direct insertion into the flue gas duct, enabling real-time, in-situ measurements of NOx emissions. By deploying multiple units at various points, it also allows for the partitioning and independent measurement of NOx emissions within the duct. This makes it a groundbreaking solution for online NOx monitoring.


  • In-situ measurement avoids the error caused by the adsorption of ammonia by the suction pipe
  • Closed-chamber measurement. The standard gas can be directly fed in to enable online calibration of equipment
  • Integrated structure avoids the misalignment of the measurement mode due to vibration or thermal expansion of the flue

Technical Specifications

  • Measuring method: Single port in-situ inserted probe with concealed enclosure
  • Measuring range: 0~20/50/100ppm customizable
  • Linear deviation: ≤±1% F.S
  • Resolution: 0.01ppm
  • System structure: Control cabinet + measuring unit (1+N structure customizable)
  • Display mode: TFT true color LCD
  • Digital output (Preinstalled): 1 RS485 port
  • Power: 220 (1±10%) VAC


Highlights of AEMS10

  • Great tendency projection
  • The measured data of this product is highly consistent with the opening of the ammonia injection valve of the power plant
  • Integrated structure with laser transmitting and receiving ends in an enclosed probe
  • The measuring air chamber is directly inserted into the flue with the probe to achieve in-situ measurement
  • The high-density filter can effectively prevent impurities such as dust particles from entering the measuring air chamber, to realize enclosed measurement
  • Micro-negative pressure circulated gas extraction effectively prevents pipeline blockage
  • High wear-resistant metal materials gives a long life span

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