Product description

Online Hydrogen Leak Detector


  • Comprehensive monitoring of the generator’s hydrogen leak condition
  • Real-time monitoring of the air leakage at the generator’s bus bar, oil return pipe, water return pipe, sampling valve, internal cold water tank, etc.
  • It can be directly put into oil and water for detection; it uses unique hydrogen sensitive tube bundle that is of good pressure-bearing ability, water and oil insulation, and is oil-insoluble.
  • Simultaneous monitoring of the generator’s safe working status
  • Real-time monitoring of potential hydrogen accumulation positions;
  • Multi-position simultaneous detection;
  • Local display of monitoring data and transfinite acousto-optic alarm
  • Convenient installation and use
  • 16-channel centralized monitoring;
  • Excellent expandability and direct accessibility;
  • High-performance specific integrated circuit to ensure easy data uploading to DCS system.

Technical Specifications

  1. Measuring Range: (0~100) ppm
  2. Measuring accuracy: ≤±2% FS
  3. Resolution: 0.1 ppm
  4. Dimensions:
    1. Host size: (750x700x200) mm
    2. Host weight: approximately 35kg
    3. Sensor size(225x130x50)mm
    4. Sensor weight: approximately 1kg/piece
  5. Host:
    1. Power supply: 110~240V AC; 50±2 Hz; ≤25 A
    2. Power rating (for sensors) 250V AC/5A; 30V DC/5A
    3. Analog output: 4~20 mA
    4. Alarm type: SPST
  6. Sensor:
    1. Display mode: OLED self-luminous industrial display, 132×64 resolution
    2. Alarm type: Sound and light alarm

Technical Specifications

Measuring range H₂: 0.0~4.0%
LEL: 0~100%
Digital output RS485, CAN
Deviation (H₂) ±0.2% @ 0.0~2.0%
±0.3% @ 2.0~4.0%
Supported sensor count 1~16
Response T90 < 30s Alarm signal SPST
Analog output 4~20 mA with max load of 500Ω Alarm output relay capacity 250 V AC @ 5A
30 V DC @ 5A
Power rating 110~240 V AC @ ≤ 0.25A 50±2HZ Ex Mark Host: Ex. Ia Ga II C
Sensor: Ex ia II C T3 Ga
Display HD true color LCD Host size 460x350x130 mm

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