Online Laser Ammonia Leak Detector

Product description

An ammonia detectionsystem that monitors potential NH3 leakagein ambient.

Product description

LH1500-NH3 is an ammonia detectionsystem that monitors potential NH3 leakagein ambient.


  • Higher accuracy – – laser detection technology
  1. With sensitivity to ammonia only, it can accurately detect ammonia in moisture, SO2, SO3, NOX, H2S, CO and other environments;
  2. It offers a solution to the missing alarm of drifting electrochemical sensors and false alarm due to interference of other gases
  3. No measurement errors due to temperature changes of electrochemical sensors.
  • Easier maintenance – – less calibration work
  1. A self-calibration air chamber is designed inside the machine body to conduct automated calibration of all connected transmitters;
  2. It provides a solution to short calibration cycle and high maintenance cost of electrochemical sensors.
  • Longer life span – – non-destructive testing
  1. The service life of core detection components is over 10 years
  2. No physical contact between the test gas and sensor; no chemical erosion to core components during long term use
  3. It provides a solution to short life and frequent replacement of electrochemical sensors
  • More cost-effective – – distributed structure
  1. It supports a number of probes to work together, covering a wider detection area

Technical Parameter

  1. Measuring range: (0~100) ppm
  2. Measuring accuracy: ≤2% F.S
  3. Resolution: 0.1ppm
  • Sensor
  1. Display mode: OLED self-luminous industrial display,132×64 resolution
  2. Alarm type: Sound and light alarm
  • Host
  1. Power supply (110~240) V AC; (50±2) Hz; ≤25A
  2. Display mode: 10.4 inch high resolution industrial true color LCD, 1024×768 resolution
  3. Output power rating:250V AC/5A; 30V DC/5A
  4. Analog output: (4~20) mA
  5. Alarm type: SPST


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