CGWZ-100(A) Fixed Multi-parameter GasPipeline Measuring lnstrument

Product description

CGWZ-100(A)Fixed Multi-parameter Gas Pipeline MeasuringInstrument. It is specially used for online monitoring of gasconcentration, flow, pressure and temperature parameters in mine gaspumping pipelines, in order to evaluate the effect of coal mine gaspumping and prevent coal mine gas protrusion, explosion and othermalignancy.

Equipment Composition

  • The pipeline gas comprehensive parameter tester is composed of the main meter host, flow sensor, concentration, pressure sensor and temperature. sensor.
  • Precision monitoring of pipeline gas concentration, flow, pressure, temperature and other comprehensive parameters; High measurement accuracy and easy to use, which can be used for continuous monitoring of comprehensive parameters of gas extraction in hazardous situations; Simple operation, quick response, stable and accurate readings.


◎ It adopts cyclic self-excited flow detection technology, with wide measuring range and low measurement limit.
◎ The flowmeter will not produce resistance, which overcomes the shortcomings of spiral vortex flowmeter and V-cone flowmeter with large pressure loss, inconvenient installation, and inability to calibrate.
◎ The flow meter can be calibrated on the wind tunnel for easy detection of problems in time.
◎ With plug-in installation, it can be installed by simply making a small hole in the extraction pipe.
◎ Built-in multi-task operating system, strong real-time performance, high stability.
◎ The large screen displays multiple parameters at the same time for easy viewing of data.
◎ Local cumulant calculation function.
◎ It has a local curve display function, which is convenient for managing the sampling effect of on-site inspection.

Technical parameters

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