Exhibition | GLTECH participated in the Novokuznetsk International Mining Exhibition in Russia

From June 4 to 7, 2024, the 32nd Novokuznetsk International Mining Exhibition was held in Russia's largest coal-producing area. GLTECH once again brought its intelligent coal mine equipment to the exhibition. Seeing new products and equipment, many customers and industry experts expressed strong interest and stopped over to study, and discussing potential projects, laying a solid foundation for further development of the Russian market.

At the exhibition, GLTECH displayed smart mine safety monitoring equipment, including a mine fire monitoring and early warning system that provides intelligent monitoring and early warning of internal and external fires in coal mines, a three-dimensional gas extraction intelligent control system that manages the entire process of gas extraction operations, a precise positioning management system, and a coal mine intelligent safety monitoring system as its core products and technologies.

Russia ranks second in the world in terms of coal resource reserves, with a full range of coal types and high quality. According to the latest monthly industrial production statistics express data released by the Russian Federal Statistics Service (Росстата) on May 29, from January to April 2024, Russia's coal and lignite production totaled 144 million tons. Among them, anthracite production was 7.7 million tons; coking coal production was 37.9 million tons; other bituminous coal (non-coking bituminous coal) production was 65.7 million tons; lignite production was 32.6 million tons.

With Russia's increasing position in international energy trade, the demand for new technologies in underground coal mining is also increasing. GLTECH's competitive advantage stems from the industry's committed innovation and multi-scenario deep-level application in the past three decades, as well as from a mature and professional service system and a complete lean manufacturing system. GLTECH will closely follow the country's Belt and Road open cooperation policy, seize opportunities to promote development, and rely on technological innovation and service capabilities to accelerate the pace of brand expansion overseas.

After the exhibition, GLTECH marketing and technical personnel were invited by Russia's SUEK Coal Group to visit SUEK Group and were invited to visit and communicate with partner companies.





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